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Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Sat Oct 23 02:11:56 EDT 2004

[Editor's Note: Some of the following messages were submitted before news of
the AAA's decision.]

>From Godel Gengenbach <Kay.Godel-Gengenbach at is.mines.edu>:

I concur in the idea to move the meetings to San Jose.
K. Godel Gengenbach, Ph.D
Director, Office of International Programs
Principal Moderator, McBride Honors Program
Colorado School of Mines
>From David Michalski <michalski at ucdavis.edu>:
Rather than being run out of town, why not just sleep in the streets.
San Francisco has a significant homeless population, and provides the
urban anthropologist with the opportunity for participant observation.
It is also much less expensive than staying in a hotel. I might
recommend that participants bring camping equiptment and a little cash
to share with the estimated 14,000 homeless people already in San
Francisco. Working together with homeless coalitions and service groups
during the conference could draw attention to homelessness and the
labor movement.

David Michalski
Xcp: Streetnotes
michalski at ucdavis.edu

>From Angela C. Stuesse <astuesse at mail.utexas.edu>:

Does anyone know how/if UNITE HERE has responded to the AAA Executive
Board's decision?

Angela C. Stuesse
Department of Anthropology
University of Texas at Austin

Joe Ellman <FromYosee at aol.com> writes:

I would like to make a suggestion for those who wish to advocate for the
rights of workers and the betterment of the underclass.  If you wish to make
the most impact I suggest that you turn your attention this next week on
doing all you can to see that Bush does not get another four years.  We have
1.6 million fewer jobs in the private sector today than when Bush took
office.  Mobilizing to help a subsection of workers is noble, but time is
limited and we can make more of a difference by working to get Bush out of
the White House.
Joe Ellman, Ph.D.
Adjunct faculty
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> this is CAE's resposne to AAA moving to Atlanta. I think it is appropriate
and I
> suggest SAE do something along these lines. EPD
Dear Liz,

Based on information we have learned as to what the move to Atlanta
would mean in terms of accommodating the Hilton and not supporting the
strike, I believe most CAE members (including this president) would
refuse to attend. You can expect to receive separate emails from our
members on this issue.  We understand a very viable option has been
presented by the city of San Jose, and most members would support a
decision to move the conference there. We will also help support any
legal costs that may ensue, although many of us believe the Hilton will
back down given the possibility of losing the conference with all its
negative publicity.

Catherine Emihovich
CAE president
>From Yvonne M. Lassalle <yvonnelassalle at yahoo.com>:

Just got the message about the transfer to Atlanta. I
am utterly baffled at the logic, and alarmed about its
consequences. I was not in favor of crossing the
picket line. Nevertheless, technically speaking,
though there was not absolute majority, there was a
plurality in favor of holding the meetings in San
Francisco.  Moreover, I fully expected a true vote --
with member Ids to assure validity, etc. Furthermore,
Atlanta poses the greatest amount of financial burden
on members who had already invested in the meetings.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the only one who wins
here is Hilton International, that gets to keep a
convention without straining overtaxed resources (have
they really replaced all locked out workers) and not
have it boycotted. But the fact is that many of us
will not be able to make it because of conflicts. This
decision is likely to create even more animosity among
membership. Is there anything we can do?

Yvonne M. Lassalle
Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology
Hunter College, CUNY
>From Robert T. O'Brien <robrien at temple.edu>


I've created a blog to try to expedite information sharing
and cross-section organizing.

It's at http://AAAUnite.blogspot.com

The latests posts are about efforts to organize a counter-
conference in San Jose. I've received several dozen emails in
the past two hours supporting the idea.

Please check out the blog and use it to post additional


Robert T. O'Brien
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Anthropology
Temple University

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