[URBANTH-L] Litigation & Credit Card Disputes (was re: Clarification on What Expenses can be Reimbursed)

J. Shawn Landres shawn at landres.com
Wed Oct 27 10:14:15 EDT 2004

If someone chose to litigate this, I suspect that a court would rule 
against the AAA:
1) Registrants (both presenters and non-presenters) registered for 
meetings in San Francisco, not anywhere else.
2) The AAA Board decided on its own to move out of the city, state, and 
3) The poll conducted by the AAR was unscientific and unrepresentative, 
and non-binding in any case.
It would be good to get a lawyer's opinion on this.

If you paid your registration fees by credit card, these probably are 
sufficient grounds to dispute the charges through your credit card 
company, since the AAA is not providing you the service (a conference 
in San Francisco) for which you contracted. That's actually a fairly 
simple matter -- just call your credit card company and tell the 
representative that you wish to dispute the transaction (your statement 
will show the date and transaction number).  You'll receive a paper 
form to complete with the details.  If you paid unrelated fees in the 
same transaction -- e.g., if you renewed your membership at the same 
time as you registered -- you can indicate that you wish to dispute 
only the amount of the registration.


On Oct 27, 2004, at 8:33 AM, Robert Rotenberg wrote:

> In response to several inquiries, the registration fee for the meeting
> is not reimburseable and should not be counted in the money that was
> lost as a result of the change in location for the meetings.
> Theorerically, you have the right to attend trhe Atlanta meeting for 
> the
> fee you paid. To not do so is your decision, not the result of the 
> AAA's
> decision (Their reasoning, not mine).  The AAA is reimbursing for air
> travel expenses and hotel deposits that are not reimburseable or are
> penalties. This isd what they call "the additional expenses, which have
> resulted from the AAA's response to the labor situation at the SF
> Hilton." The reimbursements are also restricted to those who are on the
> program. So people in the target categories who are not presenting
> papers or poster, organizing, chairing, or discussing in sessions, or
> serving the sections in some official capacity will probnably not be
> reimbursed.
> Thanks to all who asked for this clarification.
> Bob Rotenberg
> President, SUNTA
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