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Harriet Richardson Seacat 3seacats at comcast.net
Sat Oct 30 18:38:19 EDT 2004

Wendy and other "underemployed" anthropologists,
    I certainly plan to request a return of my and my husband's registration fees.  I am adjunct faculty and he is an undergraduate student--we certainly cannot afford to sustain such a loss.  I can't understand only allowing this for graduate students and international anthropologists.
    I think we should organize an effort to demand our fees back.  It is not a choice of attending when the conference for which we paid to attend was one month before the present dates and in an entirely different geographic location.  Please reply if you plan on requesting a refund so that we can work together in this effort.

Harriet L. Richardson Seacat, M.A.
Adjunct Faculty
Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology
University of South Alabama
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