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Lisa Maya Knauer lknauer at umassd.edu
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dear all:
this is a wonderful discussion as well; i have spoken to david haines 
and robert rotenberg and we think that it is still possible to include a 
workshop (sponsored by SUNTA) at AAA 2007. i am willing to help put this 
together, and hilarie was also interested. if anyone else wants to work 
on this (helping figure out what issues can be reasonably covered in a 
workshop session, and where the discussion might go from there), please 
contact me.

lisa maya knauer

Elzbieta Gozdziak wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> This is a fascinating discussion and I think should be part of a wider 
> discourse. Would anyone like to write a piece--either summarizing this 
> discussion and/or setting up a wider discussion--to be published in 
> the /Anthropology News/.  I am sure Stacy Lathrop would be interested 
> in this kind of thing.  I am thinking of apiece that would be 
> published outside the SUNTA column and reaching a wider readership.  
> The piece should be between 1500 to 2200 words.  Contributions to the 
> next issue of AN are due by July 15th.
> Elzbieta
> Lewinson, Anne wrote:
>> In the last couple years, our IRB also developed a 'blanket' approval
>> application for undergraduate class research projects which is very
>> similar to what Elzbieta describes. As well, since my institution has a
>> graduate program in education, we developed a set of criteria and
>> procedures specifically for students conducting educational research. We
>> felt a need to do so because inevitably they are working with minors (a
>> 'vulnerable' population), and thus their proposals should receive the
>> most thorough review, however the projects often focused on students in
>> their own classrooms and much of what they were doing was more along the
>> lines of trying out different pedagogical techniques (warranting the
>> lowest level of review, if any at all). Our colleagues in Education
>> voiced their concerns to the Board often enough that the IRB Coordinator
>> and Board decided to re-evaluate the procedures and came up with a
>> compromise. 
>> Anyway, my point is that IRBs can be convinced to re-think their
>> procedures so as to adopt something which is more appropriate to our
>> needs. It will take some work on their part, however ultimately it will
>> save them time in not needing to bounce proposals back to anthropology
>> grad students repeatedly and not having a whole slew of ethnographic
>> proposals to read for a full board meeting. A possible starting point:
>> I've been forwarding these postings to the IRB Coordinator at my
>> institution, and she has said they are very interesting reading. For
>> those whom it might be appropriate, you might want to do the same. While
>> the composition of IRBs does change yearly, the Coordinator usually is a
>> staff member who is there for the long haul. S/he might be a good place
>> to open up the conversation about developing practices which suit
>> ethnographic research better.
>> Anne S. Lewinson [alewinson at berry.edu] Assistant Professor of 
>> Anthropology
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>> Georgetown has a very similar system/procedure, with one caveat that the
>> student research is for class papers, not for publication.  If students
>> and/or the professor wishe to publish any of the student papers, IRB has
>> to give approval for the research.
>> Elzbieta
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>> Subject: [URBANTH-L]IRB and students
>>> Dear all, this is one of the most constructive discussions I have ever
>>> participated in. I am grateful that this topic was brought up - each
>>> response has added greatly to my understanding of the issues 
>>> surroundingIRBs and my confidence in dealing with it.
>>> About undergraduate student research projects: My IRB has what I 
>>> think is
>>> a good system - I went through a multi-stage online tutorial about the
>>> history of the Belmont Report and the whole IRB process, and once I
>>> completed it, I was "certified" by my IRB and had blanket approval 
>>> for all
>>> student projects carried out in the course of classwork under me. In 
>>> other
>>> words, they shifted the responsibility to me to assure that what my
>>> students are doing is in compliance.
>>> Patty Gray
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