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Sun Nov 25 16:18:14 EST 2007

Dear Bob,

Thanks for the reminder. I would like to remind what was going on here
on the list as a different reminder of why we have to support the SUNTA
teaching workshop. Angela Jancius had a a query entitled "Battling the
Neoliberalization of University Life: A List of Strategies" On her
response dated Sun, 18 Nov 2007 she listed the numerous tips people
sent to her.You may not agree with all of them. But that is beside the
point. There are many relevant tips but one was "* Assign primary texts
instead of textbooks." 

What is my point with repeating it? We raise separate voices
but we are not consistent and insistent in the way we follow up the
concrete actions. We are not very insistent on bringing the voices and
actions together. If we are sending such tips to fight
"Neoliberalization of University life" we better take up the concrete offers so that we join forces to to find ways of resisting.

I will register to the workshop when I pick up the programme.I INVITE
that organizers of the workshop will have some idea of how many people will show up or register. In this way
we can avoid hoping the "someone else will do it". 

I have a few colleagues (who teach intro classes) who really wanted to attend but they cannot efford to attend AAA-not least because some of them are sessional instructors. 

Bob, can you please remind us the amount to be paid for the workshop?
Hulya Demirdirek

Hülya Demirdirek Ph.D

Assistant Professor

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Department of Anthropology

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E-mail (w); hulyad at uvic.ca
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