[URBANTH-L] Registration extension: The Global City and Media Ethnography: On Transcultural Practice-led Media Research

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Tue Mar 25 18:59:50 EDT 2008

The Global City and Media Ethnography:

On Transcultural Practice-led Media Action Research

New York University Summer Study Abroad Program at the American  
University  of Paris

June 15-28, 2008.

Registration by April 16, 2008

4 graduate credits, 10 days; 14 seminars 6  media lab and media  
practice mentoring sessions, intensive 1:1 advisement

Fees and Costs: $1097 per credit  + $200 activities fee +  NYU  
registration fees + student housing $1125 (15 nights)

Open to  non-NYU Students
Practice-Led Media Research engages social science and humanities  
inquiry through  lens-based, networked and tele-presencing media.  
This course focuses on the theories and methods of  media/sensory  
ethnography, visual culture, and media archeology, through the linked  
topics of transcultural and trans-local processes, diaspora  
identities, the post colonial and human rights. The curriculum is  
aimed at graduate  students from diverse disciplines who want to  
explore creative media practice as a research methodology. This  
course provides students with theoretical and practical grounding in  
multi-sited action research in trans-cultural and transnational  
settings. Through social historical and trans-cultural ethnographic  
perspectives practice-led pedagogy promotes a self-reflexive  
contextual and critical understanding of the use of media for the  
conduct and dissemination of research and the creation of social  
knowledge through participatory cultural production. Practice-led  
research bridges  divisions between social theory and action- 
research, and between creative practice and evidence-based research.

Topics: Politics of Multi-Sited Fieldwork/ the Transcultural and the  
Transnational/ Politics of the Gaze/ Sensory Formation of Modernity/  
Subject Positioning and Lens Based Research/ Negotiating Images and   
Access/ The Aesthetics and Ethics of Evidence/ Human Rights and  
Structural Invisibility/ Reading and Performing the  Archive/ Outputs  
and Transcribing Multisensory Fieldwork/ Reversioning and Curatorial  

Allen Feldman, Director:Media Ethnography/Visual Culture/  
Anthropology of Violence/Action Research. Associate Professor  
Department of Media Culture and Communication,  and Visual Culture  
Program, New York University.  Rossela Raggazzi, Director:  
Ethnographic Film, Migration and Diasporic Studies,  Senior Lecturer  
at Visual and Cultural Studies Unit at Institute of Social  
Anthropology the University of Tromsø. Benjamin Kafka, Visiting  
Faculty: Archive Theory and Practices, Assistant 	Professor  
Department of Media Culture and Communication, New York University.  
Amanda Ravetz, Visiting Faculty: Aesthetics and Ethnographic  
Practice, Arts and Humanities Research Fellow, Manchester  
Metropolitan University,Manchester Institute for Research &  
Innovation in Art & Design (MIRIAD), Roshini Kempadoo, Visiting  
Faculty: Photography and Imaging, Archival Curation, Interactive  
Media Practices, Senior Lecturer in Media Production. Programme  
leader for Interactive Media Practice School of Social Sciences,  
Media and Cultural Studies, University Of East London. Mark Curren  
Visiting Faculty, Photography and Visual Ethnography, Media Lecturer  
in Photography, Centre for Transcultural Research and Media Practice,  
Dublin Institute of Technology, and Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art,  
Design &  Technology.

Allen Feldman
Department of Media, Culture and Communication, New York University
239 Greene Street
New  York, NY 10003
tel: 212 998 5096
af31 at nyu.edu

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