[URBANTH-L]Software for analyzing qualitative responses

Sean Bruna sbruna at unm.edu
Tue Aug 4 21:25:41 EDT 2009

I would recommend nVivo for Mac (using bootcamp) and PC, though it is  
rather expensive.  I also used Journler for field notes but worry how  
long they will be around.


Sean Bruna

ps - Here is a list of other programs:

Fieldnotes: 1.0

These programs were made specifically to help organize and analyze  
qualitative data. The programs provide basic file management and  
coding options.
             QSR nVivo 8

Atlas ti: .


Ethnograph – new and untested. Mixed reviews.

Filemaker Pro: - not designed for qualitative research; lacks analysis  

askSam -

TAMS Analyzer for Macintosh OS

Fieldnotes: 2.0 Programs

  These are general note taking programs that are not designed for  
qualitative research but have grown in popularity among consumers.  
None have been tested sufficiently for research and are thus not  
suggested for long-term use of data and storage.
Voodoo Pad – vast limitations, but good for web publishing. lacks  
analysis tools.
AquaMind NoteTaker – lacks analysis tools.

Circus Ponies NoteBook - lacks analysis tools.

PersonalWiki —another, less refined, Wiki option. lacks analysis tools.

Evernote – a great tool, bit not a solution. lacks analysis tools.

Journler – as reviewed above, very useful and basic, but going out of  

Transcriptions 0.8 - No integration with other software (transcription  

Microsoft Word – lacks analysis to


WhizFolders- lacks analysis tools.

Scribe— lacks analysis tools.

Sean P. Bruna
PhD. Candidate, Department of Anthropology
Doctoral Fellow, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

On Aug 4, 2009, at 6:31 PM, Lisa Maya Knauer wrote:

> A colleague here in the business school likes Nvivo .... I haven't  
> used it myself (still waiting for a chance to have her show me some  
> of its marvels).  This is PC-friendly. Here is the link to the  
> website:
> http://www.qsrinternational.com/products_nvivo.aspx
> Lisa Maya Knauer
> Allen Feldman wrote:
>> I am interested in recommendations  for inexpensive user-friendly  
>> software programming that can  numerically aggregate qualitative  
>> responses from informants by keyword, topic, domain etc
>> Allen Feldman
>> Department of Media, Culture and Communication, New York University
>> 239 Greene Street
>> New  York, NY 10003
>> tel: 212 998 5096
>> af31 at nyu.edu
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