[URBANTH-L]AAA CFP - Anthropologies of the Damned

Edward González-Tennant anthroyeti at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 19:12:09 EDT 2009



I’m putting together a session for the upcoming meetings in Philly. I’m
drawing on Charles Fort’s early 20th century ideas of the ‘damned’ in
reference to those ideas rarely researched and/or intentionally ignored; as
well as the habit of academic disciplines to sometimes over-compensate for
these ignored ideas through the creation of new scholarly imperialisms. For
more details, please see the PDF at this link


Many of us, myself included, have felt the coercive hand of conservative
anthropology. I believe the sorts of broad topics I’m trying to bring
together will resonate with many on the list and hope a few of you will
enjoy exploring the perimeter(s) of our discipline as one way to chart the
end/s of anthropology. 



-Ed Gonzalez-Tennant

University of Florida

PhD Candidate in Anthropology

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