[URBANTH-L]ANN: Africans in Europe in the long twentieth century: Transnationalism, translation and transfer (Liverpool)

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Africans in Europe in the long twentieth century: Transnationalism, 
translation and transfer
School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies
University of Liverpool
30-31 October 2009

The past few years have seen a flowering of historical research on Africans 
in Europe and the growth of new networks of scholarship on the subject. 
Most of this work acknowledges that as colonial or ex-colonial subjects, as 
migrants, and as members of a global population for whom a common identity 
and fate were increasingly claimed in terms of diaspora, Africans often 
moved from one mono- or plurilingual context/contact zone into another. 
This could be the result of physical relocations, of a transfer of 
administrative jurisdiction over them from one colonial power to another (as 
after 1918), or indeed of participation in transnational literary and 
political networks.  But much current research remains limited to particular 
national metropolitan contexts, their languages and institutions, with the 
themes of transnationalism and translation addressed largely through 
triangulations between Africa, Black America and the respective country of 
'settlement'.  The conference brings together new research by both 
established scholars and early career researchers, with the aim of provoking 
discussion around those moments where Africans found themselves at the 
interface between European cultures, asking about the implications for 
subjectivity and everyday life as well as for cultural and political 
practice of having to deal with and through different languages and modes of 
social interaction.
Speakers from the UK, Continental Europe and the United States include 
Elleke Boehmer, Sara Lennox, Susan Pennybacker, Donald Carter, Lisa Shaw and 
Stefanie Michels

The conference is organised by Professor Eve Rosenhaft and Dr Robbie Aitken, 
in the context of the AHRC-funded project Germany-France-Moscow-Africa: 
Survival, Politics and Identity among German Cameroonians, ca. 1890-1960.

The conference will take place at the Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre, 
Princes Road, Liverpool: http://www.kuumbaimani.org.uk/

Registration fees: £60 full rate / £30 for students (£30 / £15 for one-day 
registrations), to cover the cost of lunches and refreshments at the 
conference.  Places are limited, so please register early and in any case 
before 15 October. Registration will be on line at the following URL (follow 
the link for School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies): 
The conference will begin at 10.30 on Friday, 30 October and end at 5 p.m. 
on 31 October.  Advice about accommodation in Liverpool can be found here: 
Updates to the programme will be available at

For enquiries, please contact Dr Christoph Laucht, c.laucht at liv.ac.uk

Provisional programme

(The conference will begin at 10.30 on 30 October and end at 17.00 on 31 

Friday, 30 October
African cultural production in the European frame
Christopher Hogarth (Wagner College), Africans in European Literature: 
Language, Publication and Reception
Paul Davis (University of Indiana), Cosmopolitan Artistic Formations and the 
Politique Culturelle of Painting in Bamako, Mali, 1950s-1970s
Sara Lennox (University of Massachusetts), Postcolonial Writers in Germany: 
Dualla Misipo and Kum' a Ndumbe III
Narrating transnational lives
Elleke Boehmer (Oxford), Nile Baby (reading and discussion)
John Sealey (Exeter), The Greatest Escape: Filming Black Experience (short 
film and discussion)
Stefanie Michels (Köln), Andrea Manga Bell and her Mother-in-Law Emily 
Engome Dayas - Some Methodological Reflections on 'Race', Gender, and 
Polychrome France
Lisa Shaw (Liverpool), Black Brazil(ians) in Paris in the First Half of the 
Twentieth Century
Jennifer Boittin (Penn State), Black Communities in Urban France: The 
Africans and Afro-Caribbeans of Marseille and Paris during the Interwar 
Germanophone Lives
Holger Stoecker (Berlin), Bonifatius Folli - A Togolese Language Informant 
in Berlin
Sara Pugach (California State), A Death in Berlin: Africans in Health and 
Illness in Late 19th-Century Germany
Saturday, 31 October
Radical Encounters
S. Ani Mukherji (Brown), To Create Anticolonial Culture: Black Cultural Work 
in 1930s Moscow
Elizabeth Williams (Goldsmith's), African Diasporic Agency in the 
Anti-Apartheid Movement
New perspectives on Black Britain
Mark Christian (Miami University), Rethinking Liverpool Black
Daniel Whittall (Royal Holloway), Contesting the Racialisation of Urban 
Space in Britain 1931-1948
Jose Lingna Nafafe (Birmingham), Luso-African Migrants in the West Midlands
Post-postcolonial Europe
Elly Omondi Odhiambo (Independent Researcher), Can You Speak African? 
Africans in Northern Ireland: A Transnational Experience in Anglo-Celtic 
Donald Carter (Hamilton College), Ethnographic Perspectives on Africans in 
Closing discussion
Susan Pennybacker (Trinity College, Hartford) opening comment

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