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Thu Nov 13 10:06:30 EST 2008

The originator of the concept of the 1.5 generation is sociologist Reuben Rumbaut. He originated the concept as an honors project while a college student and has elaborated upon that thereafter.? ?Unfortunately, the education establishment, especially in TESOL (teachers of English to speakers of other languages), has popularized the term in a way that distorts its theoretical significance.? I'm in the midst of writing a paper regarding the misappropriation?of the concept in education. 

Having said that, there is some usage of the term in the TESOL??publications--am not sure how useful it is to an undergraduate?student.? It would be helpful to have some mastery of basic linguistic concepts for some of the writing.? A number of doctoral dissertations have been written in the education field.? TESOL has its own online resources for members and publishes a journal, as well.? The utility for an anthropology student may vary due to the sometimes shallow insights into the concepts and methodology (ethnography, for example) that?are used. But it's a start.? 

Linda Dwyer

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